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Currie European has developed a wide range of added-value services to complement its core transport offerings.


Currie European offers good quality storage in its depots in Dumfries, Glasgow, Paris and Nijmegen.

These facilities are configured according to client need, meaning Currie European offers both cost-effective, block-stacked storage for consumer and industrial products, as well as food hygiene standard racked warehousing.

Currie European is able to provide a comprehensive range of added value warehousing services. These include container stuff and de-stuff, pick and pack and rework as well as full managed inventory.

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Freight Forwarding

Currie European is able to provide its clients with a fully managed freight forwarding operation.

Through a long-established network of operating partners, Currie European offers managed road, sea and air services on a global basis.

Its experienced management and administrative teams and state-of-the-art systems ensure that clients are guaranteed a prompt and accurate service.

From a full trailer or container to a part pallet, Currie European offers high service levels across the world, including a comprehensive documentation and customs clearance service.

Account Development

Currie European is committed to working with its bigger clients to help them drive ongoing operational and commercial improvement through their logistics solutions.

This process is rooted in joint problem solving, and both sides taking a proactive approach to change and development.

Currie European’s experienced senior management team view this responsibility as part of their day to day role, rather than an optional extra.

This highly professional approach, allied to a willingness to invest in technology and infrastructure sets Currie European apart from the standard logistics service provider.

Integrated Managed Solutions

Currie European has many years experience of providing tailored managed solutions to its clients.

Currie European has staff in both the UK and mainland Europe, implanted in client sites

These personnel manage resources and dedicated operations as well as facilitating shared-user interfaces between the client and Currie European’s own sites.

A number of clients have also chosen to locate their operations onto Currie sites. This enables them to take advantage of the excellent facilities and strategic locations as well as enjoying clear and concise communication interfaces and easy access to the Currie shared-user operation.