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Currie European’s core business is rooted in the movement of full loads, part loads and groupage between the UK and Western Europe.

This service is carried out on a fleet that is fully satellite tracked. As well as providing the client with visibility of delivery progress, this outstanding security feature is crucial to the transportation of high-value products.

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Currie European depots in Dumfries, Glasgow, Warrington, Paris and Nijmegen all play an integral role in ensuring clients receive a timely and cost-effective delivery service.

Currie European’s regular clients enjoy logistics solutions with a wide range of bespoke-designed features. These include planning, order processing and systems integration, pre-loading through the use of stand trailers and dedicated account management.

An example of this is found within the Currie European airfreight customer base. Using specialist roller-bed trailers, Currie European provides time sensitive transport services to a number of the world’s leading airlines.

Over the last four decades, Currie European has developed wide experience across a wide range of industry sectors and political boundaries. This enables it to provide outstanding service not just in its heartland – the UK, France, Holland, Germany and Benelux – but also across much of the rest of Europe.

The Currie European groupage product has developed into a market leader within Scotland; the service of choice for many of the country’s best-known manufacturers. This product is based on the provision of reliable, short lead-time services at competitive prices into all the main European population centres.

This groupage product has been successfully extended into Currie European’s French and Dutch depots. This enables its clients to benefit from the same quality of service for small consignments that they have historically enjoyed for full loads.

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