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Ownership Structure

Currie European Holdings Ltd is wholly owned by its Managing Director Tom Barrie.

Legal Structure

Currie European Holdings Ltd is registered in Scotland. Its registered office address is Heathhall, Edinburgh Road, Dumfries, Scotland, DG1 3NX.

Currie European Holdings Ltd wholly owns its subsidiary trading companies in the UK and Holland. It is also the majority shareholder in Currie France.


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Founded by Norman Currie in 1977, Currie European initially focused on full load transport between Scotland and Western Europe and within the UK domestic market.

As part-load and groupage operations developed, Currie European established a compatible depot network, with sites in Paris (1990) and Nijmegen (1995).

The UK infrastructure also spread, both south to strategic points in England, and north to the Central Belt and Dundee.

Tom Barrie became Managing Director and majority shareholder in the business in 2000.

Many of the current management team have substantial service with the business, and have been instrumental in its evolution.

Corporate Policies

Currie European’s core philosophies have the following headlines:

Corporate Responsibility

Currie European recognises its responsibilities to its customers, suppliers and employees. It is committed to conducting business in a manner that delivers sustainable growth whilst recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of its activities.

Business Principles and Code of Ethics

Currie European is committed to ensuring that its business is conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards, taking into account legal and cultural factors in the countries and regions it operates in.


Currie European seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its activities through the good environmental management practices. It is compliant with current legislation in this area, and seeks continual improvement and innovation within all Group businesses and activities.

Health & Safety

Currie European is committed to high standards of health & safety, recognising its duty to provide safe working conditions. Health & safety performance is subject to continuous review, and is an area where Currie European has an outstanding record due to its robust management approach.


Currie European has been ISO 9001 certified since 1991.

ISO 9001 identifies and monitors working processes, and ensures necessary actions are implemented to deliver desired levels of performance.

The certification recognises Currie European’s high performance in the fields of customer service and satisfaction. Internal audits every three months and regulatory audits every six months ensure that standards are maintained or improved, to the benefit of its customers, suppliers and employees.


Currie European is committed to the use of technology, as it firmly believes this to be crucial to the consistent delivery of high levels of customer satisfaction.

This commitment is demonstrated by recent major investment in systems infrastructure. This has included:


All Currie European servers now exist in a virtual environment, giving instant recovery and back up capabilities.


Currie European uses the latest applications.

Web communication:

Currie European offers web enabled POD images, automated performance reporting and EDI interfaces.

Satellite Tracking:

Currie European has made a major investment in GPS tracking. Unlike many of its competitors, both units and trailers have been fitted with the technology, giving complete visibility of the entire fleet.

This provides a huge service enhancement, since the load, rather than the tractor unit, is tracked from door to door. This means it is always possible for Currie to provide real time information on the whereabouts of a consignment.

Within 2009, Currie’s customers will be able to track their own consignments live online through secure access.

Industry Sectors

Currie European has extensive experience in providing logistics and transport services to many well-known clients in a range of industry sectors.

Industry sector % of total revenue

Curries Industry Sector % of total revenue

Our clients include some of the best known companies in Europe – details and references are available on request.


Road Haulage Association
Member of Road Haulage Association

Currie European transports and stores goods under the RHA conditions of carriage and storage 2009. The RHA also provide information and advice to our industry.

UK Warehousing Association
Member of United Kingdom Warehousing Association

Currie European are regularly audited and have been awarded UKWA certification for our Warehouse, storage procedures and customer services.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards
ISO9001 Quality Assurance Standards

Currie European has achieved BS ISO 9001:2008 applicable to warehousing and distribution of solid goods by road within the UK and Europe.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Currie European is registered as a certified carrier under the control of pollution (Amendment) Act 1989.